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Morning. 💕 Okay, hi. So if anyone are big readers out there it would be nice if you all could check out my book that I’m writing. It’s called Hide & Seek and it will be on watt pad. It has a pretty cool plot along with some twists. It’s pretty intriguing. So far I’ve only got 2 chapters done, since I have just started working on this story. It’ll be worth it, I promise. Note: My grammar and spelling isn’t the greatest, but I do try my absolute best! It would be great if you all could check it out and tell me what you think. My username is Keara0628 on watt pad thank you all!

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The Story So Far | Clairvoyant.
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i thought i was the only horny sarcastic introverted genius third wheel stuck up asshole until i discovered this blue internet support group and i’ve been an active member of it since then

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My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument."
• Archbishop Desmond Tutu (via te-hya)
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yall can get excited over johndave and davejade all you like but lets not forget the real brotp
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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you
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valentine’s day

        lentine’s day

                ntine’s day

                        e’s day



                                           ayyyyy vodka

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  • Friend: *sneezes*
  • Me: Bless you
  • Friend: *sneezes five more times*
  • Me: chill
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